Delete social account

Delete Social Account

Please note that some data generated by the account (e.g. activity logs and transaction history) may be retained. You can view Webshare Privacy Policy (opens in a new tab) for more information on how your data is processed by Webshare.

This endpoint deletes your Webshare social account.

Delete Social Account Request


Social provider to login with. Currently only google is supported.


Then auth code received from the social provider.


Must match the authorized redirect URIs Google Credentials.

If request is successful, the API deletes the user. A successful request returns 204 response

Request & Response
import requests
response =
      "provider": "google",
      "code": "XXXX",
      "redirect_uri": "",
headers={"Authorization": "Token "}
assert response.status_code == 204

the above command returns empty response with 204 No Content

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content

Account deleted

If your account is deleted, all API requests will start returning the 403 Forbidden status with the following error message.

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
  "detail": "Your account is deleted.",
  "code": "account_deleted"