Each sub-user can have separate limits and proxy list. The proxy list of the users you create are based on your main proxy list.

You can make requests to Proxy Configuration, Proxy List and Proxy Stats APIs as a sub-user using the X-Subuser header. More examples below.

This API is only available for after accepting additional terms for Webshare sub-user portal. If you wish to gain access to this API, please complete the form at (opens in a new tab)

Sub-User object

You can use the API to create, retrieve, update and delete each individual sub-user.


Unique identifier of the user. The ID never changes and no other user will receive the same ID.


You can set label to identify your users.


Can be set to null to disable custom proxy lists. Otherwise, dictionary of country code and number of proxies. ZZ country code is special and means any available country.


The user proxy limit in GBs. You can set to 0 in order to get unlimited bandwidth.


The maximum number of proxy request concurrency this user can have.


Proxy stats for this sub-user. Follows the same format as the Aggregate Stats API.


Read-only field to indicate when this user was created.


Read-only field to indicate when this user was last updated.


The time we start calculating the user bandwidth use. You can edit this field.


The time the user bandwidth use will reset. Read-only field.

In JSON Format

   "label":"Test User",
   "proxy_countries": {
   "max_thread_count": 500,
   "aggregate_stats": {
      "bandwidth_projected": 100000,
      "bandwidth_total": 5000,
      "bandwidth_average": 1000,
      "requests_total": 5,
      "requests_successful": 4,
      "requests_failed": 1,
      "error_reasons": [
          "reason": "client_connect_forbidden_host",
          "type": "configuration",
          "how_to_fix": "The target website you are connecting cannot be accessed via Webshare Proxy.",
          "http_status": 403,
          "count": 1
      "countries_used": {
        "GB": 1,
        "FR": 4
      "number_of_proxies_used": 2,
      "protocols_used": {
        "http": 5
      "average_concurrency": 0.0001388888888888889,
      "average_rps": 0.0002777777777777778,
      "last_request_sent_at": "2022-08-11T17:12:32.589667-07:00"